ASEAN Listed Companies from 1996 to 2018

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The dataset titled "Financial Statements of 6 Country ASEAN Listed Companies from 1996 to 2018" is a comprehensive collection of financial data gathered from publicly listed companies in six countries within the ASEAN region. The countries covered include Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. The dataset spans a period of 23 years, from 1996 to 2018, providing a substantial historical perspective on the financial performance of these companies. The dataset's source is Thomson Reuters, a renowned provider of financial information and market data. With this dataset, researchers and analysts can delve into the financial statements of ASEAN listed companies, allowing for in-depth analysis, benchmarking, and insights into the economic dynamics of these countries.

no No
ric_id Ric ID
country Country
year Year
Cash Cash
CashCashEquiv Cash Cash Equiv
TotalAssetsReported Total Assets Reported
TotalLiabilities Total Liabilities
PropertyPlantEquipmentTotalNet Property Plant Equipment Total Net
PropertyPlantEquipmentTotalGross Property Plant Equipment Total Gross
TotalLTDebt Total Long-Term Debt
TotalCurrentAssets Total Current Assets
TotalCurrentLiabilities Total Current Liabilities
TotalDebt Total Debt
TotalEquity Total Equity
CapitalExpenditures Capital Expenditures
TotalCashDividendsPaid Total Cash Dividends Paid
NormalizedEbit Normalized Ebit
NetIncomeBeforeTaxes NetIncome Before Taxes
ProvisionForIncomeTaxes Provision ForIncome Taxes
DepreciationAmortization Depreciation Amortization
InterestExpenseNetOperating Interest Expense Net Operating
NetIncome Net Income
Revenue Revenue
GrossProfit Gross Profit
CashFlowFromOperating Cash Flow From Operating
FreeCashFlow Free Cash Flow
PretaxROA Pretax ROA
SharesOutstandingTotal Shares Outstanding Total
PriceClose PriceClose
DepreciationDepletion Depreciation Depletion
NAICSIndustryGroup NAICS Industry Group
NAICSInternationalIndustryCode NAICS International Industry Code
GICSSector GICS Sector
GICSSectorCode GICS Sector Code
NAICSSector NAICS Sector
NAICSSectorCode NAICS Sector Code
CommonName Common Name
firm_id Firm ID
country_id Country ID

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